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SABORMEX Chile Poblano

SABORMEX Chile Poblano

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Product made from poblano peppers, which are generally deep green in color and may have red or yellow streaks. Our poblano peppers are in brine and in a closed jar.

Main Uses:

The most frequent use is that of chili peppers stuffed with cheese, these chilies are usually weathered and added with a red sauce. Another way of using it is the preparation of chiles en nogada, in which they are stuffed with tuna and bathed in a walnut sauce with pomegranates (typical of September). Like all chili peppers, the poblano pepper can be sliced or ground into various sauces. This chili is very well accompanied by white or red rice and for soups.

It is recommended to carefully extract the chiles and rinse to remove the brine before using.


Whole poblano peppers (55%) and brine (water; salt; sugar; acidifier: 0.35% citric acid and preservative: 0.1% potassium sorbate).

Spiciness level:

Medium-low (You can play some more spicy, since it is a natural product).